PhD students

HGS-HIReWelcome to the Helmholtz International Center for FAIR (HIC for FAIR). The various partner institutions of the Helmholtz International Center for FAIR (HIC for FAIR) have agreed upon emphasizing interdisciplinary education by integrating students of the partner universities into the HIC for FAIR research programs. The close collaboration with experts from different areas of the FAIR physics program will be beneficial for a multidisciplinary education.

HIC for FAIR provides an optimal research environment for PhD students and fosters excellence in education and research. The students will benefit from well-structured graduate programs (scientific program, lectures, colloquia, lecture weeks, summer schools, language courses, travel funds, awards, etc.) at their partner institution and the Helmholtz Graduate School for Hadron and Ion Research (HGS-HIRe). HGS-HIRe provides a common platform for the scholarship programs of the Helmholtz International Center for FAIR (HIC for FAIR), the Extreme Matter Institute (EMMI), and the Graduate Program for Hadron and Ion Research (GP-HIR). Therefore the central website to apply for scholarships funded by the Helmholtz International Center for FAIR and more information on the PhD program can be found at

Application for a HIC for FAIR PhD scholarship

HIC for FAIR aims at educating excellent young scientists in the fields of data analysis, detector and accelerator design, theory, computing and simulations. Thus, the prime criterion of HIC for FAIR to select PhD students is scientific excellence in FAIR-relevant fields of physics. Young, highly motivated scientists are invited to apply for a PhD scholarship financed by HIC for FAIR.

QCD Simulations, Dynamics and Medical Physics

The research focuses on large-scale simulations of FAIR-related physics.

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QCD phenomenology deals with the properties of strongly interacting matter.

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Instrumentation and Computing

The work covers the research and development activities for the FAIR experiments.

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The activities focus on the optimization and required R&D work on the FAIR accelerators.

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